Dicey Dungeons Developer Announces Switch and Mobile Ports Are in the Works

Dicey Dungeons Developer Announces Switch and Mobile Ports Are in the Works

Dicey Dungeons developer Terry Cavanagh has Nintendo Switch and mobile ports in the work for his wildly successful indie game.

Dicey Dungeons is the latest game from developer Terry Cavanagh. The game is a deckbuilding roguelike that perfectly incorporates luck into the game via dice rolls. Cavanagh and his team first brought the game to PC but announced recently that they’re hard at work on Nintendo Switch and mobile ports. Given how well-suited Dicey Dungeons is for on-the-go play, this is great news.

Cavanagh’s update contains a number of news nuggets. Obviously, the biggest news is the upcoming ports. However, it’s great to know that Dicey Dungeons has been a runaway success for the creator. Cavanagh announced that, in its first month of release, Dicey Dungeons has already outsold both of his previous releases combined. Knowing that those two games are the excellent Super Hexagon and VVVVV make that news even more noteworthy. And with the game still to release on two wildly popular platforms, it won’t be surprising when those sales numbers make a huge spike.

The update also mentioned that the game took home the Grand Jury prize at Indiecade this year. Plus, Cavanagh and his team are planning to add more updates to the game like the Halloween Special that released recently.

All of this news is great for the game. That said, the big thing is that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile. I’ve played the game for a few hours on PC, but almost instantly wished I could take the experience with me on a car ride or to a waiting room. It’s always felt like a port would happen eventually, the game is just too perfect for it. So, getting confirmation that they’re on the way is awesome for me. I cannot wait to live in a world where Dicey Dungeons is always sitting in my pocket, waiting to be played.

Dicey Dungeons is out now on PC. The Nintendo Switch and mobile ports don’t have a release date yet. However, Cavanagh did mention next summer as the earliest possible date. Keep your fingers crossed for more Dicey Dungeons in six months.