VR Based ‘Swamp-em-up’ Dick Wilde Gets First Update on Steam

VR Based ‘Swamp-em-up’ Dick Wilde Gets First Update on Steam

Dick Wilde is a VR shooter that takes place in a swamp and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Released less than a week ago by Bolverk Games on Steam, the title has already received its first patch. It currently retails for $19.99 USD and is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The game sees you as the titular ‘Dick Wilde’ trying to defend his swamp from water pests. With his arsenal of homemade blasters (including converted water guns, harpoons, and a bow and arrow) he’s ready to take on sharks, piranhas and gators. Of course, at the end of the game’s 9 stages are larger and more mutated challenges waiting.

Dick will also get caught up with:

  • 9 unique levels – Progress though 9 unique levels in 3 different settings: swamp, tropical and northern!
  • Big variety of enemies – Giant alligators, rabid piranhas, electric eel, charging sharks, bats and many more! Have a hoedown by sharing the headset amongs friends and compete for the highscore! Who’ll be the biggest hillbilly this year?
  • Epic boss fights – DEFEAT GIANT BOSS MONSTERS AT THE END OF EACH LEVEL! Can Dick really take on a three-story high turtle with a homemade Bow? Can you?
  • Spectator screen – Local multiplayer VR has never been so much fun. Spectators have all the information they could need. It even comes with a complete pinball display!
  • **DISCLAIMER** – Bolverk games does not support animal cruelty in any way, nor do we endorse heavy substance abuse, weapon crafting or having a messy home in a swamp.

The recent patch fixes some audio and gameplay issues. A complete list for Dick Wilde 1.1 patch can be found below:

  • Updated Piranha sounds.
  • Fixed Dragonflies leaving the level late.
  • Harpoon & sawblade rifle sounds updated.
  • Projectile fly by sounds added.
  • Updated weapon selection small leaderboard.
  • Fixed potential networking related crash.
  • Fixed sawblades sticking to enemies.
  • Fixed nailguns in menu.
  • Updated singleplayer new score page.
  • Bow now defaults to right handed setup.
  • Hard levels are now unlocked by default.
  • Added disclaimer on the loading screen.
  • Fixed exit game button on oculus touch.

If you’re curious about the game and don’t mind some very obvious double entendres, you can check out the trailer below. Who hasn’t wanted to be a swamp exterminator, right?