Did Amazon Reveal the Xbox One Launch Date for Right Before Black Friday in the US?

on August 29, 2013 11:17 PM

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the holiday season where droves of American shoppers find themselves stuffed full of turkey from the night before and lined up in front of big box retailers across the country; all looking for the best holiday bargain they can find. But is Microsoft really about to launch a console on the biggest shopping day of the year? If the recent date changes to Amazon’s Xbox One’s listings are any indication, it’s looking like that might just be happening.


Both retailers, Gamestop and Walmart, are still showing tentative dates of 12/31/13 which are obvious placeholders. Microsoft has already made it clear that they will in fact launch the Xbox One in November (first line here), the only question was when?

Amazon has gone ahead and published not just the console date but also the dates of a handful of launch titles and marked them all down for November 27th 2013. According to the online retailer, Need for Speed: Rivals and Call of Duty: Ghosts will both keep their respective street dates launching alongside their current gen counterparts. The system’s peripherals such as the play and charge kit and extra controllers are also listed for the 27th.


On Tuesday, Kotaku un-confirmed the November 8th release date that was previously being rumored, while Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs has been confirmed  by Microsoft as a launch title ( which hits current gen consoles on November 19th), making this new date adjustment by Amazon a little more believable.

(UPDATE) – Here’s a screencap of a conversation with an Amazon support rep confirming the 27th.


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