Did Hackers Really Cause The PSN Outage Yesterday? Should We Be Worried?

Did Hackers Really Cause The PSN Outage Yesterday? Should We Be Worried?


Apparently the drama known as Sony VS. George “GeoHot” Hotz has reached new heights and now has other hackers now vowing revenge against the corporate giant. What started as an outage in Europe on Monday night traversed the Atlantc and started affecting Sony networks in North America. The hacker group known as Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In typical corporate fashion Sony has claimed the down time as “sporadic maintenance” with the following message on their AskPlayStation twitter account.

@AskPlayStation: PSN currently undergoing sporadic maintenance. Access to the PSN may be intterupted throughout the day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It is very feasible that maintenance was going on behind the scenes, but then how did the hacker group put together a video to coincide with the attacks so quickly? While most gamers familiar with the story are more concerned about the inability to play Killzone 3 online, what worries me (and should worry other gamers) is not knowing whether or not my personal credit card information is or has been compromised as it sits on Sony’s servers. I could care less about this ongoing feud as long as users of Sony’s servers are left out. It also should be noted that more attacks have been promised by the group, so let’s see if more “sporadic maintenance” happens in the days ahead.

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