Did Nintendo Use Popular Youtuber Trick To Fix Joy-Con Drift in Skyward Sword Joy-Cons?

Four years later, we are still waiting for a Joy Con drift fix.

By Md Armughanuddin

July 26, 2021

The Switch has been one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles ever. Nintendo recently announced the OLED variant of the Switch as well, much to the disappointment of fans who were expecting a Pro model instead. Despite the Switch’s popularity, it does come with its fair share of issues.

Everything else aside, one of the issues that have been affecting Switch owners since the beginning is Joy-con drift. For those who are unaware, Joy-con drift is a term given to one of the issues in the Joy-cons, wherein they start registering movements even when they aren’t used.

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Basically, if you have a Joy-Con which is automatically taking analog stick inputs in the game even when you are not using it, you are a victim of Joy-con drift. The most surprising fact is that Nintendo is aware of this issue for years now, and there have been little efforts made to improve it at all.

Many would believe an improved version of Switch would fix these issues, but that didn’t prove to be true either. In fact, the Switch OLED doesn’t include a fix for this annoying issue which has been present for ages, and Nintendo even refuses to comment about why it is the way it is.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) – announcement trailer

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) – announcement trailer

Amidst all that, a popular Youtuber VK had made a video on Youtube suggesting a very simple workaround for this archaic issue. All players need to do is simply place a piece of cardboard inside the Joy-con and the issue would be fixed. The fact that it proved to be useful for many proves that fix indeed works.

Now, a tweet has been going viral which states that Nintendo has taken inspiration from this Youtuber and incorporated this fix in their latest Joycons. As spotted by Chicken Noodle Gamer, the Skyward Sword Joy-Cons come with strips attached which is quite similar to what VK suggests in his video. It is also noted that previously, none of the Joycons have anything like this included.

However, upon further digging up, it seems like there are quite a number of flaws to this claim. Firstly, it is quite impossible that Nintendo took inspiration from VK, considering the fact that his video was released on the 14th, while the Skyward Sword Joy-Cons was released on July 16th. It takes weeks for products to go from manufacturing to retail, so we can pretty much assume this claim to be fake.

Secondly, a number of users on Twitter have reported that this strip has been present in their own Joy-Cons as well, which are not the Skyward Sword Joy-Cons. This basically clears up all the air regarding the rumors, and it seems like the strips are basically something that is present in some Joy-Cons, and not a new addition at all.

Well, at least it made fans optimistic for a bit thinking that the plagued Joy-Con drift is gone, for once.

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