Did Sony Just Tease Metal Gear Rising 2? [UPDATED]

Did Sony Just Tease Metal Gear Rising 2? [UPDATED]

Update: The Game Awards Producer and journalist Geoff Keighley mentioned on Twitter that he talked with Kojima Productions Senior Producer Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi, who denied that this “2” is teasing Metal Hear Rising 2.

Something rather unexpected happened at Taipei Game Show. Within a sizzle reel by Sony showcasing various PS4 games, the picture above was displayed.

The “2” in the picture uses the same font and color scheme used for the Metal Gear Rising logo, making us wonder if Sony didn’t just tease the sequel right under our noses, without actually making any announcement.

Absolutely no further details about it were revealed, so we’re left unknowing an dumbfounded.

You can see the tease below, at the 2:46:40 mark.