Did The Battlefield 2042 Beta Get Delayed?


The Battlefield 2042 Beta will be on September 22nd.

By Tom Henderson

September 8, 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, rumblings and rumors had suggested that the Battlefield 2042 Beta will take place on September 6th, but as that date approached, no official word from EA or DICE had been made.

Only DICE and EA really know the intended release date for the Battlefield 2042 Beta, however, several key signs leading up to September 6th had suggested we should be playing the Beta this week.

Unfortunately, DICE and EA’s lack of communication over the past several weeks hasn’t helped with the constant theories coming from the Battlefield community, and even now, there’s no official date stated by EA on when the Battlefield 2042 Beta will be live.

Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer

Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer

Battlefield 2042 at Gamescom

The first announcement of the Battlefield 2042 Beta was expected to take place at Gamescom, with EA themselves even being confirmed to be making an appearance during the show.

What primarily fueled the rumors was the fact that up until Gamescom 2021, EA had never missed a Battlefield multiplayer reveal at the event in recent memory, so Battlefield 2042 was almost certain to make an appearance.

However, after both Gamescom Opening Night Live and the Xbox Showcase, it was clear that Battlefield 2042 would not be featured at the event.

Wild theories and speculation started to plague the internet, with many in the community speculating that the reason the game wasn’t at the event was due to EA wanting a lot more focus on the game. After all, Gamescom is a massive event and huge reveals sometimes get buried amongst other large announcements, so the communities theory was plausible.

Battlefield 2042 Beta on September 6th

Several days later, a glimpse of hope then hit the internet, as I had heard that the Battlefield 2042 Beta was coming, and coming soon. This had led me to even tweet that we should finally be hearing something between August 31st – September 1st.

However, just two days after the tweet, a bombshell was dropped in my emails indicating that Battlefield 2042 is facing some form of internal delays, so I had ultimately had to shoot down my own rumors.

Another day later though, the reputable European electronic store Mediaworld/Mediamarkt reported that the Battlefield 2042 Beta will begin on September 6th via their Battlefield 2042 listing. The listing created another wave of hype, with fans now hoping for a surprise announcement of some form to come on September 6th, with the Battlefield community dismissing my claims that the Beta has not been delayed.

The rumors were fueled by EA’s lack of communication on the Beta, and just the game in general, with many people believing a surprise announcement was on the horizon.

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Battlefield 2042 Beta Delayed until September 22nd

After continuous hype throughout the day from the community, another email popped in my inbox, with the source claiming that the Battlefield 2042 Beta will be on September 22nd, with media and content creators recording in a behind closed doors event on the 20th.

The information was then cross-checked and verified with as many people I had access to at the time and resulted in my betting 10 copies of Battlefield 2042 that the Beta would start on September 22nd.

Another hint at September 22nd comes from the official Apple Store, with the soundtrack of Battlefield 2042 being set to release on September 22nd.

But does all this really mean the Battlefield 2042 Beta was delayed? Personally, I think so. The lack of communication seems to be a key indicator, with the official Battlefield Twitter account staying absolutely silent throughout the last couple of weeks of August, which could have been the time allocated to a Beta tease campaign.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on with Battlefield 2042, but EA’s silence on the game has led me to be a lot more nervous than confident about this year’s title. What seems to be for certain though, is that the Beta for Battlefield 2042 is set to take place on September 22nd.

Battlefield 2042 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on October 22nd.

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