Did You Catch All of the Easter Eggs in Pokemon’s Super Bowl Video?

Did You Catch All of the Easter Eggs in Pokemon’s Super Bowl Video?

Earlier today we reported on #Pokemon20Pokemon’s Super Bowl ad to celebrate the famed series’ 20th anniversary. And while the trailer has been receiving a mixed reception, eagle-eyed viewers have been able to pinpoint easter eggs (ranging from obvious to hardly discernible). Were you able to notice them all? Check out the trailer below, scroll down, and see if you were able to spot what we noticed:

Easter Egg #1: LEARN TO SURF HM03

Pokemon Trailer Easter Egg 1

We start the hunt with this screen, and zoom into the lower right corner:

Learn to Surf HM03

Anyone who has played through a Pokemon game can recognize HM03 Surf. The move must be taught to an accompanying Pokemon to allow you to travel across any body of water.

Easter Egg #2: Kanto Stock Report


Kanto, Pokemon’s first introduced region, seems to be booming, stock-wise.

Easter Egg #3: News Ticker — Route 12 Blockage

Screenshot 2016-01-25 17.18.20 (2)

For this one, we needed to enhance a bit, but it looks like there is a roadblock on Route 12. Be should be advised of that delay, whatever it may be…

Pokemon Route 12

Also, make sure to bring your Pokeflute.

Easter Egg #4: News Ticker — Rare Fossils

Pokemon Trailer News Ticker

On the other side of the news ticker? Looks like a couple of rare fossils have been discovered at Mt. Moon. Looks like people are already getting ready to #PraiseHelix.

Mount moon Fossil

Easter Egg #5: Nidoking Chess Piece

Nidorino Chess Piece

Most of these chess sets and pieces look standard issue — until you get to the brief flash of the Nidoking chess piece. How can you tell it is Nidoking (versus the horned Nidorino)? Check the fang coming from bottom-to-top instead of top-to-bottom.

Nido Family

Easter Egg #6: Football Player #20

Screenshot 2016-01-25 15.58.58

Why is this relevant? We are celebrating Pokemon’s 20th anniversary! Why shouldn’t this Pokemon master be repping the number?

Easter Egg #7: Football Player #19 and #96

Pokemon Trailer 1996

In that same vein, player #19 and #96 come together to make 1996 — the year Pokemon was introduced into the world.

Easter Egg #8: Volcano Badge Helmets

Volcano Badge

Looks like this team is known to bring the heat, seeing that they are wearing the Volcano Badge as an emblem. We assume they got the proper licensing rights from Blaine’s people.

Volcano Badge


Like No One Ever Was

Looks like this football team wants to be the very best….

Easter Egg #10: Rare Candy

City Shot

For this one, we need to enhance again:

Rare Candy

That right there is a Rare Candy if I’ve ever seen one:

Rare Candy

Easter Egg #11: Moomoo Milk

Moomoo Milk

Another signature item found in the Pokemon universe.

Moomoo Milk

Easter Egg #12: Game Arcade

Game Arcade

I’m willing to admit this one is a bit of a stretch, but this might be a nod to Pokemon’s handheld developers, GAME FREAK:

Game Freak


So did you get all twelve? Did you catch something that we missed? Let us know in the comments.