Did You Know Gaming? Wii Episode Showcases Microsoft and Sony’s Denial of Motion Controls

on May 9, 2015 11:34 PM

The newest episode of Did You Know Gaming? is now up on YouTube and features the Wii, Nintendo’s hit console in 2006. A majority of the video is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of both the motion control technology that Nintendo implemented in the Wii, as well as the Mii Maker feature.

Both Microsoft and Sony refused to partner with Tom Quinn, inventor of the gyro-technology that powers the Wii-mote controller. Microsoft’s Xbox division was reportedly very rude with Quinn, while Ken Kutaragi of Sony asked if it could be produced for less than $1. When Quinn brought the idea to Nintendo there was heated discussion which ended with Nintendo agreeing to a deal and buying some of Quinn’s company, Gyration. The use of motion controls brought with it some legal battles with other motion control patents from companies such as Phillips, which Nintendo lost, and Trident Technical Solutions LLC, which Nintendo won.

Finally, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to implement a character creator as far back as the Super Famicom Disc Drive. It was turned down, but resurfaced during the N64 Disc Drive era as Talent Studio, and then as Stage Debut for the GameCube. Finally, Miyamoto was able to implement the idea in Mii Maker. It is also speculated that perhaps the remnants of the Talent Studio and Stage Debut features were brought into Tomodachi Life as the stage segments.

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