Die Young Gives a Quick Peak at the Island Through Alpha Preview

Die Young Gives a Quick Peak at the Island Through Alpha Preview

After a few months after its initial announcement, survival sim Die Young has entered an open alpha on Steam. Available to purchase through IndieGala (who also happen to be the developers), the open world game is available for $10 USD. The exact date of the full release remains a vague ‘summer’ at this point.

The game tells the story of a young party girl who finds herself kidnapped and taken to a remote island. She manages to escape but finds herself having to rely on her own instincts to survive. This includes securing food and water, avoiding too much sun, scaling dangerous cliffs, and ultimately finding someway back to civilization.

Other features include:

  • Survive – Weakened by your ordeal, you must nourish your body to gain strength and above all stay hydrated. While it brings life and beauty to the island, the scorching summer sun is not your friend. Scavenge for food and water, gather herbs with medicinal properties, and stay alive.
  • Equip – Stripped of everything of value down to the shoes on your feet, you have to make a run for it. You have no chance of escaping relying on your wits alone. Search for items and equipment that can help you survive the nightmare.
  • Explore – Explore the island and find out more about its enigmatic dwellers, ancient ruins, dark mines and caves. Uncover the awful truth behind the quiet, bucolic life of the island.

IndieGala warns that the alpha is an ‘unfinished product’ and will not contain all the planned elements above. They also mention that there will be bugs in the preview and that those wishing for a completely smooth experience should wait for the Steam release.

The open world survival elements of the story mixed in with the mystery of the narrative makes Die Young have a compelling edge. It’s doubtful that you’ll find out more about the protagonist and the nature of her kidnappers with the alpha, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until the full release before we can figure out the secrets of the island.

Some footage of the preview build is available below: