Diggs: Nightcrawler Brings Noir Storytelling to Wonderbook

Diggs: Nightcrawler Brings Noir Storytelling to Wonderbook

Announced for Wonderbook is a book called Diggs: Nightcrawler from the animation studio Moonbot.

The premise for the book is that Diggs is a detective bookworm that works for Humpty Dumpty. He ends up being framed when Humpty takes a great fall. The story unfolds with players working with Diggs to clear his name and find the culprit of the crime.

Moonbot is focusing on getting players to interact with the book and have the characters interact in different ways depending on how the book is moved. Diggs gives hints to players to know when to advance or backtrack in the book.

The book is aimed toward younger audiences but they are working to incorporate elements that hark back to classic adventure games.

While many are hesitant about Wonderbook as a whole, the idea of an adventure game that players can interact with in a physical way is an enticing proposition. It will be interesting to see if these kind of titles will be able to give adventure games a modern twist.