Digimon ReArise Opening Video Showcases New Flagship Digimon, Erismon

Upcoming mobile RPG Digimon ReArise recently released the opening video and gives us a look at the game's new flagship Digimon, Erismon.

on March 18, 2018 11:20 AM

Who’s ready for Sonic the Electric Hedgemon?

The answer is me.

Bandai Namco just recently released the opening video for Digimon ReArise, a mobile Digimon-raising RPG game releasing this summer for Android and iOS in Japan.

The video features the song “The Future is Now” from Japanese rock band Straightener and introduces us to our main cast of characters in a quirky, colorful series of cuts.

Meanwhile, we can see a wide range of Digimon from Agumon to Leomon and plenty in between. We get a quick preview of new flagship Digimon, Erismon, during this sequence alongside its various Digivolutions. The Digimon models appear to take from the Digimon Cybersleuth series and Digimon World: Last Order games.

It’s not unusual to see the Digimon series expanding to the incredibly popular mobile market in Japan. The Digimon Cybersleuth games and Digimon World: Next Order were all very successful in their native country, and as a long-time fan of the series, I’m happy to see it getting some real exposure again. While there’s no word on a western release, you can check out our review for Digimon World: Next Order and take a look at news from the latest Cybersleuth game to satisfy that Digimon itch.

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