Digimon Survive Reveals Two New Characters and "Free Action" Mechanic Details

Digimon Survive reveals two new characters and their Digimon partners, as well as more information on how the free action mechanic works.

By Allisa James

January 19, 2020

Two new characters have been revealed for Digimon Survive, as well as more on the Free Action mechanics. The first new character is Saki Kimijima, a free-spirited first-year middle school girl who speaks her mind and remains unchanged despite the dangerous situation she and her companions find themselves in.

Although she joined the camp to make memories with friends, none of them actually joined. While Saki may seem popular her friends consider her a bother and cast her off. So she approached Takumi and his friends, and ends up trapped in the other world through the shrine. Saki’s blunt personality may cause friction with the others from the camp and she’s unable to accept death as a reality, so she believes everything will work out:

Her partner is Floramon. While categorized as a Plant-type, she is an unusual Digimon that evolved like a reptile. She’s a friend to Saki, and her refreshing personality is an excellent match for the middle schooler:

The next character is Kayama Shūji and he has Lopmon as a partner, as revealed through a scan from V-Jump magazine from JP Excelsior:

Finally there’s more information on how the flow of gameplay and story works. During “Drama Parts,” which progress as a text adventure and tell the game’s story, two situations will occur: “Search Action,” where you search for a way to survive in a crisis situation, and “Free Action,” where you will choose where to go and who to talk to within a limited window of time.

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During Free Action, your group of friends will disperse and act individually. By choosing an area from the map and talking to your friends in that area, you can learn new information and the problems your friends are dealing with, which will deepen your bonds. There are also places where you can go during Free Action where you can enter “Free Battle” to train your Digimon and collect items.

Recently more screenshots and another character were revealed. Bandai Namco also released a developer diary starring producers Habu Kzaumasa and Tsuzuki Katsuaki dug deep into the past, present, and future of Digimon video games. And of course this means they touched on Digimon Survive as well.

Kazumasa talks about how the team is trying to build to something that will cater to both the hardcore and casual audiences.  To do this, the team mashed up elements of old school tactical RPGs and adventure games. The devs hope this combo of gameplay styles will make the game more accessible for everyone.

Katsuaki talks about the two different parts of Digimon Survive’s gameplay. The first, which he calls the “drama part,” is akin to a text adventure. You’ll be given a number of options and your choices will influence the story. The “battle part” is a standard tactical RPG; however, choices you make in the “drama part” will influence various conditions in these battles. You can also Digivolve your Digimon during battle. This lets you open up opportunities to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and finish them off in quick order.

Check out some battle and story gameplay here, and some beautiful high quality screenshots here and hereDigimon Survive will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2020.

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