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Digimon Survive Screenshots Feature More of the World and Digimon

New screenshots for Digimon Survive depict more of the world, the world map, and even a never before seen Digimon: Fangmon.

Digimon Survive has been getting some juicy tidbits as of late, such as more character and story details. Recently Bandai Namco also dropped some brand new screenshots depicting more of the world as well as the characters currently inhabiting it. The screenshots come from Japanese site PlayGame and were thankfully shared by Twitter account Digimon Tweets:

The full gallery of pictures, posted just below, showcase a few interesting things. One of my favorite takeaways are two screenshots (the second and third ones in the middle row) that depict Fangmon, a criminally underused Digimon. What’s even more interesting is that since Fangmon is supposed to represent the Big Bad Wolf in children’s fairytales, it actually fits very well with the theme of the game.

Another interesting detail to note is that we have a couple screens showing characters at night time. I wonder if this means there will be day and night cycles in Digimon Survive. Finally we get a view of the world map as the four human characters traverse it:

Recently Bandai Namco released a developer diary starring producers Habu Kzaumasa and Tsuzuki Katsuaki dug deep into the past, present, and future of Digimon video games. And of course this means they touched on Digimon Survive as well.

Kazumasa talks about how the team is trying to build to something that will cater to both the hardcore and casual audiences.  To do this, the team mashed up elements of old school tactical RPGs and adventure games. The devs hope this combo of gameplay styles will make the game more accessible for everyone.

Katsuaki talks about the two different parts of Digimon Survive’s gameplay. The first, which he calls the “drama part,” is akin to a text adventure. You’ll be given a number of options and your choices will influence the story. The “battle part” is a standard tactical RPG; however, choices you make in the “drama part” will influence various conditions in these battles. You can also Digivolve your Digimon during battle. This lets you open up opportunities to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and finish them off in quick order.

Check out some battle and story gameplay here, and some beautiful high quality screenshots here and hereDigimon Survive will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2020.

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