Digimon World: Next Order PlayStation 4 Trophies Require Raising 200 Digimon Types

Digimon World: Next Order PlayStation 4 Trophies Require Raising 200 Digimon Types

Digimon World: Next Order‘s trophies have been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. There are forty-five trophies, with a platinum, three gold, eleven silver, and thirty gold making up the total. Three gold trophies require the player to raise 200 types of Digimon, max out the tamer level, and max the city’s Prosperity.

The trophy list also lets us know there are four chapters, extra dungeons, and Armageddemon makes an appearance as an enemy. You can read the full list below:


  • Digimon World Conqueror!: Acquired all trophies


  • Professor of Digimon!: Raised 200 types of Digimon
  • Supreme Tamer!: Maxed out Tamer level
  • Revivalist!: Maxed out city’s Prosperity


  • Digimon Researcher!: Raised 100 types of Digimon
  • First DNA!: First DNA Digivolution
  • Chapter Four Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Four
  • Ruler of Other Worlds!: Cleared all extra dungeons
  • Master of Rebirth!: Partner reborn as DigiEgg 20 times
  • Card Master!: Completed DigiCards
  • Heavy Attacker!: Inflicted 9,999 damage in one attack
  • Unconstrained!: All skills for Partner Digimon at 1,000
  • Battle Maniac!: Won 300 battles
  • King of the Colosseum!: Won all Colosseum competitions
  • First-Class Creator!: Maxed out grades on all facilities as builder


  • Old-Timer!: Partner reached age 20
  • Good Friend!: Maximum value for DigiFriend
  • Best Friend!: Maximum value for Bond
  • Armageddemon Defeated!: Defeated Armageddemon
  • Digimon Fan!: Raised 50 types of Digimon
  • First-Class Tamer!: First Digivolution to Ultimate
  • Chapter Three Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Three
  • Chapter Two Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Two
  • Legendary Tamer!: First Digivolution to Mega
  • Capable Tamer!: First Digivolution to Champion
  • First Contribution!: Prosperity at level 1
  • Hang in There…: First training mistake
  • Town Revitalized!: Prosperity at level 50
  • Town Expanded!: Prosperity at level 100
  • Moneybags!: Acquired over 100,000 bits
  • Zillionaire!: Acquired over 1,000,000 bits
  • Figured It Out!: Finished a battle with no damage
  • Hardcore Attacker!: Inflicted 1,000 damage in one attack
  • Hunter King!: First king-sized foe defeated
  • Rookie with Promise!: First Colosseum victory
  • Rookie Tamer!: First Digivolution to Rookie
  • Signs of Improvement!: First Tamer level
  • Rebirth!: First Partner Digimon reborn as DigiEgg
  • First Camp!: First camp
  • Trainer Debut!: First training
  • Strategic Retreat!: First time fleeing from a fight
  • Started Fishing: First fish caught
  • First Acquisition!: First materials acquired
  • Chapter One Cleared!: Cleared Chapter One
  • First Ingredient!: First food ingredient item picked up