Digital Foundry Runs Frame-Rate Tests on InFAMOUS: Second Son

The guys over at Digital Foundry take a look at the performance of the biggest game on the PS4, Infamous: Second Sun.

Since the frame-rate isn’t locked like Killzone: Shadow Fall, you end up getting an average frame-rate in the high 30s for the majority of the video. Its does range from 30-45fps which isn’t bad considering all the pretty graphical stuff that’s going on.

You may wonder why some games opt for locked frame-rates as opposed to unlocked? According to Digital Foundry;

A locked 30fps or 60fps gives a level of consistency that is considerably easier on the eye, and helps to ensure a level response in terms of controller input lag.

Clearly this is something you want out of a first-person shooter. An open-world game is a different story.

This was also only the first hour of gameplay so we can’t say whether InFAMOUS: Second Son remains at this range for the rest of the game. All I know is that PS4 owners have a very pretty game on their hands.

Be sure to check out Tony Polanco’s review of InFAMOUS: Second Son. Its only the most important review ever.

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