Dimensional Ink Games Discusses Pitching Process Following Daybreak's Franchise First Initiative

Dimensional Ink Games called its upcoming MMO "the perfect game for today’s gamers," and explained how the pitching process works for them.

By Tomas Franzese

January 23, 2020

Dimensional Ink Games’ was recently founded as part of Daybreak Game Company’s “Franchise First” initiative, and its focus at inception is on both DC Universe Online and an unannounced action MMO. DC Universe Online is still going strong; in fact, Daybreak is pleased with the results from its recent Nintendo Switch release. While CEO Jack Emmert still can’t say much about his studio’s next title, DualShockers did talk to him about how developers go about pitching new MMOs under this reworked structure and how working with an established IP differs from working on one that you own.

Interestingly, the pitching process does start at the studio level. “Right now, the process starts with the studios. Darkpaw, Rogue Planet and Dimensional Ink each have their internal processes for new development. Once they get an idea, the studio can pitch it to Daybreak as a publisher.” The process begins with the studios for one key reason that Emmert revealed to DualShockers. “Daybreak can either fund it or not, but here’s what’s totally new: those studios can go to other places for funding. We’re not limited to Daybreak.” That definitely opens up a lot of opportunities for all three studios and is atypical for the MMO space.

As for why his team’s current project got approved, all Emmert could really say was that “we felt that it was the perfect game for today’s gamers. I can’t wait to talk about it more!” The number of IPs to choose from is now nearly endless for Dimensional Ink, though just as much of a chance exists for them to be working on an original IP. Emmert has previous experience on original IP like City of Heroes, so I asked about the differences between working on something like that and DC Universe Online.

On the established IP side of things, Emmert explained that “it’s a huge advantage when getting started because a licensed IP already has established characters, stories, looks. As a result, developers don’t need to ponder all the possibilities and they can instead focus on how to execute what’s already there.” That being said, working on a game like DC Universe Online also comes with the downside of having “to wrestle with approvals, every IP holder has differing sensitivities, and there isn’t as much room for new stuff.”

Despite those issues, Emmert actually prefers working with IPs that already exist as he “can focus on how to bring alive what’s special, rather than inventing from whole cloth.” Whether Dimensional Ink Games’ new action MMO is based on an established IP or not, DualShockers will be sure to keep you in the loop once it’s unveiled.

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