Dino Frontier Launches for PlayStation VR on August 1st

Dino Frontier Launches for PlayStation VR on August 1st

Dino Frontier is bringing dinosaurs and the Wild West to PlayStation VR this August.

Today, developer Uber Entertainment — who you may recognize as the team behind Wayward Sky on PS VR — announced that its new, upcoming PS VR exclusive, Dino Frontier, is launching on Sony’s virtual reality headset on August 1st.

For those that don’t know: Dino Frontier is a game that lets you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the Wild West and Jurassic eras collide. Cowboys and dinosaurs. That’s literally all you need to know.


In the game, you assume the role of mayor overlooking your settlement in tabletop-scale VR. As you play you will have to carefully balance resources while also growing your town. All of this has to be done while wild dinosaurs roam the land around your town, acting as potentially assets or dangerous foes.

Able to reach your giant mayor hands in and pick up settlers and dinos, you will need to assign your people optimally to gather resources so they stay happy, healthy, and fed. When settlers grow hungry, tired, or hurt, they will stop work and seek out their own remedy to the problem.

As mentioned above, dinosaurs can be dangerous, however, you can train your settlers to domesticate them into your own little dino friends who can help you against bandits or hunt.

Dino Frontier will cost $29.99 USD when it launches. However, it does have a new gameplay trailer: you can check it out below.