Dinosaur World Stomps Through Kickstarter Goal in Minutes

Dinosaur World Stomps Through Kickstarter Goal in Minutes

Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write is the latest super successful Kickstarter campaign from the board game wizards at Pandasaurus Games.

Dinosaur World is the latest game from board game publisher Pandasaurus Games. It’s the follow-up to their super successful Dinosaur Island game from 2017. This go-around, the team is tackling a mix of worker placement and park building. Everything thus far, looks like they’re nailing it. Alongside the big box game, players can nab themselves a new “rawr ‘n write” version of Dinosuar Island. Check it out.

Roll-and-writes are all the rage these days, so dropping in a Dinosaur Island-themed game into the genre makes a ton of sense. And, as always with Pandasaurus, it looks great visually. Their games are always bright and colorful. So, no surprises on that front. That said, Dinosaur World is the big ticket item with this campaign.

There are a few components I’m a massive sucker for in board games. Dinosaur World has two of them in hex tiles and dinosaur meeples. It’s not often those two components meet, but when they do, my interest is piqued. The hex tiles, in particular, have me wanting to play this game because it looks so much like Suburbia, which is still my favorite city building board game. If they can come anywhere close to that game in terms of gameplay, I’m going to spend way too much time with this one.

Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write are available now on Kickstarter. The campaign has 24 more days left for you to get in and back either game. World will run you $70, while Island comes in at $30. Bundling them together saves you $5, which isn’t huge, but still nice if you want both.