Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talks Game Length, Camera Improvements and Half-Life 3

Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talks Game Length, Camera Improvements and Half-Life 3

Hajime Tabata, the Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD answered some important fan questions while also wondering when the heck Half-Life 3 is coming out during his Reddit AMA.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Director Hajime Tabata gives us a clue on the Type-0’s length.

I think you should be able to see the ending in around 40 hours. But the real fun starts from the second playthrough since you get some new events, so you’ll probably be able to play for over 100 hours. Take your time to get the full experience and have fun!

Tabata also addresses a fan’s concern over the game’s AI and erratic camera that was evident in the PSP version of Final Fantasy Type-0.

The AI wasn’t a code due to technical restrictions with the PSP. So we made the AI focus on healing the player when their HP got really low and ensured that the AI-controlled characters wouldn’t die easily or “steal” too many kills from the player. We made it this way because of the reserves function since only the characters in the active battle party earn experience.
We didn’t make any changes to this feature in the HD version as that would require an overhaul of the system from the ground up.
We have made some improvements to camera and controls as you said. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the improvements!


When asked about a PC release Tabata replies with an even better question.

There are currently no plans for a PC version, but I am very interested in Steam. The thing is, I want to know when Valve’s going to release Half-Life 2 Episode 3.

As it turns out his favorite Final Fantasy character is also mine.

My favorite FINAL FANTASY character is Zack. That’s because I spent a lot of time “working” with him during the development of Crisis Core.

And finally, Tabata jokingly blames his poor eyesight Type-0 HD not getting a Vita release but explains the real reason why.

I wanted everyone to be able to play the game on a large high-definition screen. Honestly, my eyesight’s getting worse, so it’s getting difficult to see things on a smaller screen. I’ve seen some questions about why Type-0 isn’t being released on the Vita while X/X-2 HD saw a Vita release. The reason is that the X/X-2 HD Remaster was developed on a PS3/Xbox 360 environment, while Type-0 HD was developed on a PS4/Xbox One environment. So there is a great difference in the technical specs and it would not be easy to export the data to the Vita. As for a sequel, I would love to work on one if Type-0 HD does well.