DiRT 4 Races Into our Hands This Week with a New Launch Trailer

DiRT 4 Races Into our Hands This Week with a New Launch Trailer

Be Fearless and master the track with the new DiRT 4 launch trailer.

DiRT 4 releases later this week, so that naturally means that we get a launch trailer showing off some pretty sweet gameplay. Well, Codemasters and Koch Media put out the trailer today, and it gives us a good look at just how much bigger DiRT 4 will be over the previous games.

Players working their way into the franchise for the first time will be happy to see two different vehicle handling modes. Since DiRT has historically been more of a racer than a simulator, the initial mode is Gamer. This utilizes a more arcade like feel with less realistic vehicle responses. Anyone looking for “just a race” will be able to pop into the Gamer mode with no issues. More advanced players can check out the Simulation mode, which ramps up the the competition a bit. Vehicle handling and just about everything else in the game behaves as it would if you were actually out on the track itself and provides a bit of an extra challenge for more experienced players.

The DiRT Academy, the game’s version of a training mode, will let you test out all your skills to make sure you’re ready. You won’t want to jump into a full Simulation race unprepared, right? With over 50 cars in five different locations across the game, DiRT 4 still has a lot more to add. The game’s Landrush mode, like a rally drag race, takes place on a short track with pro buggies and crosskarts. If you are not into a race you can simply enter the game’s Joyrdide mode in order to pull off whatever stunts you want to try out on your own time as well. Of course, if that’s not enough, you can create your own driver in career mode and work your way up the online leaderboards while customizing your ride till’ your heart’s content.

DiRT 4 is the largest, most in-depth game of the series so far, and will release June 9th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Take a look at the launch trailer below.