Dirt 5 New Gameplay Footage Shows Off How Dynamic Weather System Works

Dirt 5 New Gameplay Footage Shows Off How Dynamic Weather System Works

The new trailer from Dirt 5 shows how a sand-storm may catch you in the middle of an off-road race.

Codemasters’ Dirt 5 will be hitting the market earlier in November and their latest gameplay footage shows yet another in-game feature which is the dynamic weather system.

The new gameplay footage shows off an off-road racing event in Morocco, where a sudden change in weather makes drivers face an ever-growing sand storm, lowering the player’s see sight to a considerable degree. This race is set in the Land Rush event between cars from Super-light Machines class. Take a look:

Nearly three years after the latest entry in the Dirt series, Codemasters is now bringing the fifth mainline installment of the franchise with huge changes in gameplay and design, which reminds me of Dirt 3 rather than Dirt 4. Codemasters have invested heavily in expanding the available segments in Dirt 5 for both vehicles and races. The game will feature a dozen car classes with each one of them representing a different type of race set in distinct locations.

Aside from adding a lot of new tracks and cars to the game, Dirt 5 will also focus on a greater career mode. The developers have already invited Nolan North and Troy Baker to the team for voice acting two different roles in the game’s career mode.

Dirt 5 will be out on November 6 for Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and PC. The game will also hit Xbox Series X|S and PS5 the same day they launch in the market. Dirt 5 features a free upgrade option on both current-gen and next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft, allowing you to get the next-gen version of your game for free if you have already purchased it on a current-gen console.

Dirt 5 will cost you $59.99 on next-gen consoles. The Amplified Edition will be available for $79.99, including a season-pass for post-launch expansions, three unique in-game cars, and three days early access to the game.