Dirty Bomb Finally Gets The Long Awaited 'Dockyard' Update; Full Dockyard Map Revealed and New Trailer Released

The long awaited Dockyard map has finally been released in Dirty Bomb. Alongside the new map we also get a humorous new trailer detailing the objectives in Dockyard.

Splash Damage has finally released the content update Dirty Bomb fans have been waiting for. After months of developer diaries and blog updates stating the new map would be “coming soon”, the Dockyard update has finally been released to the public.

The dev team took a little extra time with this map because they wanted to make sure that we were getting a quality map with exciting objectives when it launched. Alongside the new map we also received a new trailer for the Dockyard map, which can be seen below, that explains the objectives with the usual Splash Damage humor.

The new map features 3 objectives and will be included in the ranked playlist when Season 3 rolls around. This should give players enough time to familiarize themselves with the new map before playing it competitively. A full image of Dockyard has been at the end of the post.

The three objectives in Dockyard are as follows:


An armed EV lies dormant in a warehouse near the docks.

Storm the warehouse to get to the EV, and repair it as soon as you can.


Lead the EV through the streets, then through the Loading Bays. Use the routes on either side to gain the upper hand as you go.

Once the EV reaches its destination it will destroy both CDA SAM sites, allowing the chopper to approach the Holodrive.


The Holodrive is held fast to its concrete resting place; Encourage it free with C4, allowing the chopper to airlift it out. It can be approached from both sides, making rapid rotation between the two routes integral to your attack.

Once rescued, Jackal will finally have their hands on the intel that could lead to the destruction of the Containment Shield…

In addition to the new update, Splash Damage has also brought a couple of map fixes to Chapel and Underground:


  • Fixed various collision bugs that would snag players
  • Fixed various texture issues
  • Fixed bug where a CDA light hidden on minimal settings at the final CDA spawn would deflect weapons. Collision has now been removed on all settings
  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be hidden by certain decorative objects in the map
  • Fixed bug where the Secondary Repairable Ramp Objective appeared as a Primary Objective for defenders
  • Fixed bug where the Secondary Repairable Ramp Objective’s mini map icon was not visible to defenders


  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be hidden by certain decorative objects in the map

Dirty Bomb is currently available as a free-to-play title on PC via Steam.

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