PS4 Exclusive Disaster Report 4 Plus Gets New Screenshots on Famitsu After Months of Silence

PS4 Exclusive Disaster Report 4 Plus Gets New Screenshots on Famitsu After Months of Silence

Granzella returns under the spotlight after months of silence, with new screenshots of Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories for PS4.

Developer Granzella has been very silent lately about its survival game Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, but the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu finally came with an update.

While we get no release date or window just yet, we get to see new screenshots, showing a larger variety of environments.

The player, stranded in the city by a massive earthquake during a trip to attend a job interview, will have to protect himself from collapsing building and fires, taking care of hunger and bodily needs.

We will encounter over 60 characters, which is the highest number in the series. Each has their own stories, and will accelerate the main plot by getting involved with the main character in various sitiations showing their humanity. For instance, we might encounter a man searching desperately the ruins of his burned down house.

Even small variations in attire will change the survival chances, like ripping off one’s stockings to reduce the possibility of burns, or breaking off the heels of one’s shoes to walk more comfortably.

There are many hazardous elements, including ruptured pipes exposed by the tremendous energy of the quake. Ne methods of survival have been implemented, created by the combination of various tools.

Some of the screenshots show the rescue of drivers from cars on fire, salvaging items from convenience stores, observing the city from above while standing on pedestrian overpasses, looking over the completely transformed city, with the sign of a bowling alley in the distance, the confusion after the quake, with broken roads forcing passengers to abandon a bus, and the heroine (which is fully customizable, gender included) feeling fatigue due to the summer heat. It’s important to secure sources of drinking water.

You can check out the screenshots below, keeping in mind that they’re from magazine scans, so quality is not perfect.

If you want to see more, you can check out the (currently delayed) PlayStation VR demo, the first trailer and some screenshots.

While no release date has been announced, the game is coming for PS4.