Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Is Coming to Switch

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Is Coming to Switch

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4+ Summer Memories is getting a Switch port in Japan this September.

Granzella revealed that Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will be releasing on Nintendo Switch in Japan this September. The game is currently available on PS4. An announcement trailer was published on YouTube, showing the game running on Switch. The video’s description states that the footage is work in progress. The game’s Switch version will be priced at 64880 Yen plus tax.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is basically a survival game which lets you create your own protagonist, customize them, and make meaningful choices on how to survive.

The game’s sequel DLC which was announced a while ago will be released in late May on PS4. The game’s PS4 digital version is currently 25% off. It’s unclear if the sequel DLC will be directly included in the Switch version or not.

Recently, Granzella’s director Kazuma Kujo answered fans about whether a new Steambot Chronicles game might release one day. In his answer, he also spoke about how Granzella is trying to release Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories in the west and making plans for a possible sequel.

I’m personally really excited about this as it’s one of the games I wanted on PS4. The Switch release means portability and being able to play it while doing other things.  The Switch is great when you’re a busy adult.