Disc Jam Beta Begins Today on PS4

By Tyler Fischer

February 17, 2017

Today, developer High Horse Entertainment announced that its fast-paced action-sports game , Disc Jam, is getting a beta on PS4.

Already available on PC, the beta is also adding doubles play. Up until this point the beta stuck to only singles mode (1v1) in order to ensure that players around the world found opponents with a good connection. However, now that the game is nearing completion, and looking to get better stress testing on its network done, High Horse is activating doubles for the PS4 beta (and while it hasn’t been confirmed, doubles is likely coming to the PC beta as well).

Additionally, the developer has also made some “exciting” new changes to the mode, including an updated court, as well as a complete overhaul to the pass mechanic.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Founder of High Horse Entertainment, Timothy Rapp, wrote the following about the game’s doubles mode:

“When we initially implemented doubles, we wanted to see whether the mode would be fun in exactly the same play space as singles. Our assumption was that the additional player would add tension to the frantic pace on offense. With the passing mechanic, players could set up more powerful offensive shots which we believed would compensate for the extra defender.

This was true for the most part, but it became quite clear during high-end tournament play that some adjustments were needed. The singles court was simply too small to make defending your end zone as challenging as it should be. After some tweaking, a simple widening of the court by a few feet proved to be a simple and effective solution. This small adjustment to the play space compensates incredibly well for the extra player (not unlike the sport of tennis).

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Rapp then continues by talking about how the passing mechanic in doubles wasn’t up to snuff, and how it corrected it:

“Another issue we had with doubles was the first implementation of the pass mechanic. Our main problem was that there wasn’t any significant punishment for poor timing on a pass. This basically created a situation where passing was always the optimal strategy. It slowed the game down and directly opposed our key design pillars: positioning and timing.

To address this, we redesigned passing so that your timing is graded just like the other throws in the game. Your teammate can now only throw as hard as the incoming pass, so a poorly timed pass to your teammate at the net will severely hamper their offensive power. With this new implementation, choosing to pass is a much more strategic decision which includes a layer of difficulty that the previous mechanic lacked. However, if executed properly, the pass mechanic is still quite powerful, enabling teams to charge the net and maximize their offensive potential!”

Rapp concludes the post by thanking fans for their feedback, and urging new Beta players to provide further feedback. You can sign up for the PS4 beta here, and for the PC (Steam) beta here.

If you have never heard of Disc Jam before, then be sure to check out the game’s announcement trailer below. Disc Jam is slated to release in 2017 for PS4 and PC.

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