Disc Jam Is Getting Cross-Play Between PS4 and PC

Disc Jam Is Getting Cross-Play Between PS4 and PC

High Horse Entertainment announced it will be bringing cross platform play to Disc Jam within the next week or so.

Developer High Horse Entertainment has announced that it’ll be bringing cross platform play to its popular title Disc Jam within the next week or so.

In a post on Steam the developer said:

Our recent infrastructure upgrades have paved the way for a very important feature: cross-play between PC and PS4! This means that players from both platforms will soon be able to play against each other, effectively joining our player pools and providing more competition for everyone.

In May High Horse announced that it would be adding dedicated servers to the game improving matchmaking along with some other things.

They had originally planned on adding cross platform play later in the year, but it turns out that the addition will come much sooner than anticipated.

High Horse is hoping to get the update out within the next week but they said it could take a little bit more time depending on how fast it passes quality assurance testing.

Disc Jam is a game similar to Windjammers. It’s kind of like a mixture of air hockey and tennis. Players throw a disc back and forth, trying to get it past their opponents into a goal.

The game is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.