Disc Jam for PS4 Now Supports PSN ID Changes

Disc Jam for PS4 Now Supports PSN ID Changes

Disc Jam, which previously had issues if players decided to change their PSN ID, now supports the recently implemented PS4 feature.

Following Sony’s implementation of tools to let players change their PSN ID on PS4 last month, I reached out to the developers of “games with critical issues” for PS4 in order to gain insight into what was causing issues and if they had plans to fix it. The game at the center of the article was High Horse Entertainment’s Disc Jam, which we revealed would be getting a patch to fix its issues. Today, the developer confirmed to DualShockers that the PS4 version of Disc Jam has been updated to support PSN ID Changes.

If you were a Disc Jam player weary of losing progress if you changed your ID, that will no longer be an issue. In fact, those who did actually change their name and ran into issues will not have issues anymore as well. “For those players that changed their name prior to the latest patch, their unlocks and currency have been automatically merged into their new account,” High Horse Entertainment Co-Founder Jay Mattis told DualShockers.


While the issue has been fixed, Sony has not yet updated their page on “Games With Critical Issues” to remove it. As of now, the following eight games will still have issues if you decide to update your PSN ID: Just Dance 2017, LittleBigPlanet 3, MLB 14 The Show, MLB The Show 15, MLB The Show 16, Onrush, The Golf Club 2, and Worms Battlegrounds. Currently, the developers of Just Dance 2017, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Worms Battlegrounds are not planning to update their impacted games like High Horse Entertainment has done with Disc Jam.

Those wondering what this game has in store for them if they decide to it up following this update can check out its launch trailer below. Disc Jam is available now for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.