Disciples III: Renaissance Video Blog Shows New Graphics Engine

With a new graphics engine enabling a more refined look for Disciples III: Renaissance, and the ability for players to control their camera more coherently, the following video blog might have you falling asleep due to the monotone delivery of the speaker. Other than missing every other word this guy says, you will notice a game being shown to you behind him.

If you are into the Disciples series you will be pleased to know that this title seems to be upping the ante in at least a few different ways shown in the first video blog with features such as dynamic day and night cycles. One standout feature of the Disciples franchise is that when players take over a territory it will be transformed to reflect that and look like a whole new realm. Each race has their own terrain that they prefer ranging from cracked tar and volcanoes to perpetual winter, rich forests, and more.

In addition to this, Disciples III: Renaissance will have three node types that enhance characters standing on them which are geared towards fighter, archer, and mage enhancements to your units. It might sound a little ridiculous, but one of the features being talked about is the ability to move your units. Apparently that is a big deal for this game. Jokes aside, the video blog is worth a look and you can find it after the break.

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