Disco Elysium is Now Available on Mac

ZA/UM's hit RPG Disco Elysium launched on Mac today. The team is still hard at work on the upcoming Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One ports.

Disco Elysium launched on PC last year to critical acclaim. The BAFTA-winning RPG is an incredibly innovative exploration in how to do narrative and a must-play. And now, playing it has become even easier. While developer ZA/UM is still hard at work on console ports, the team released the Mac port to a hungry public today. Give the new launch trailer a watch below.

For genre fans, Disco Elysium is a revelation in story-telling. You play as a hard-boiled detective working on a tough-as-nails city block. The game uses a wildly inventive dialog system that sees your character’s traits playing a major role in what you can do. This isn’t just the classic Fallout-style mechanic. It adds tons of depth on top of that basic idea to create something you’ve never seen before.

It’s great to see such a revolutionary game migrating onto other platforms. Obviously, the PC userbase is huge, but there are still tons of people who prefer console gaming. The move to Mac doesn’t help that crowd out too much, but it does signal that getting Disco Elysium onto more platforms is a number one priority for the developer. They have yet to announce when the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One ports are coming; however, I would expect them sooner rather than later.

Disco Elysium is available now on Mac and PC. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in the near future. If you haven’t given the game a look, I highly suggest you do so. It’s an incredible experience that shows some of the best of what digital RPGs can be.

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