Discord Ditches Activity Feed and Library in New Update

Discord Ditches Activity Feed and Library in New Update

As a way of improving the service, Discord has announced they'll be getting rid of the activity feed and library tab.

In a new blog post, Discord has announced it’ll be revamping their platform by removing features such as the activity feed and library.

Discord says the activity feed was built to give users an easy way to stay informed on gaming news see what your friends are up to. Additionally, they say the feed wasn’t living up to those purposes and they became bulk.

Among the other casualties is the activity feed. Their reasoning behind this is so players can stay up to date on what their friends are doing in their servers rather than seeing old updates. Additionally, they’re disposing of the Universal Game Launcher and Library tab. They’ll be getting rid of this feature to make using Discord fast. For players that purchased games off Discord, you can still play them. For those that don’t want the Library tab, you can deactivate it in the User Settings.

Another feature they highlight from last fall is letting users follow channels. The purpose of this feature is to let users send important information from Verified accounts into your own server.

“We’re constantly listening to your feedback and working to improve how Discord feels and functions,” says the blog post. “Our goal is to improve Discord with new features that don’t make it bulky and take away from the core experience.”

Back in September, Discord announced their plan to shut down Nitro Games due to lack of use. For those that didn’t know, Nitro Games was apart of the Discord Nitro monthly subscription service. On top of games, the service gave players more customization options, animated emojis, and a larger upload limit. Even though Nitro Games is gone, the Nitro subscription is still available for $9.99 a month.

As more news and improvements comes from the company, we’ll be sure to let you know.