Discord MEE6 Bot Commands and How to add custom commands

Here are the Discord MEE6 Bot Commands.

November 19, 2021

If you’re a user of the popular instant messaging platform Discord, then you must have come across a variety of bots including MEE6. If you have ever wished to create one and use it perfectly, then read this entire article. This article covers all the Discord MEE6 Bot Commands and how to create custom commands.

Discord was first released in 2015 with the aim to provide rich voice call and messaging features for gamers. And since then its popularity is increasing and new features are being added constantly, and one of them is bots.

Below is the easiest step on how you can create Discord MEE6 Bot custom commands and a list of all the commands that will let you use it either inside a channel or a direct message.

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How to make Discord MEE6 Bot custom commands?

The MEE6 Bot has an official website where there is an entire tutorial to create one. But, if you already have one added to your server, then, simply follow the steps below through which you add custom commands.

  • Visit the website and login with your existing account
  • Head to the Dashboard and select your server
  • Tap on the Custom command tab and select on Create one
  • Put an exclamation mark and enter a command followed by the response
  • Click on Add and try it out on your server

List of Discord MEE6 Bot commands

  • !ban [member] [reason]: To ban a member, 
  • !tempban [member] [duration] [reason]: To ban a member during certain time, 
  • !mute [member] [reason]: To mute a member, 
  • !tempmute [member] [duration] [reason]: To mute a member during certain time, 
  • !unmute [member]: To unmute a member
  • !slowmode [timeout] [off]: To enable slowmode, timeout is optional, and to disable !slowmodeoff
  • !kick [member] [reason]: To kick a member, 
  • !infractions [member]: list of member’s infractions
  • !warn [member] [reason]: For warning a member, 
  • !clear [member] [count]: To clear channel’s messages
  • !youtube [search]: To search a youtube video
  • !twitch [search]: To search a twitch stream channel
  • !imgur [search]: To search a imgur meme
  • !urban [search]: To search a urban slang
  • !anime [search]: To search a kitsu for anime
  • !manga [search]: To search a kitsu for manga
  • !pokemon [search]: To search a pokeapi pokedex for pokemon
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