Discord Store Global Beta is Now Live For All Users Alongside New "Discord First" Title At Sundown

The Discord Store Global Beta is now available to all users, and has launched alongside a new "Discord First" top-down shooter called At Sundown.

By Tomas Franzese

October 16, 2018

Back in August, Discord launched its Game Store beta for select users. While Discord has already established itself as a prominent communication and voice chat app, this service is attempting to rival Steam and vertically integrate the game stores and libraries that people previously had to use outside of Discord. This initial beta was broadened today though, as it has been expanded to include all Discord users and dubbed the Discord Store Global Beta.

For those not previously familiar with the storefront, the Discord Store Global Beta is available directly within the app, as is a universal library that lets one find and launch any game they own, no matter what service it comes from. Clicking on the Store option will bring you to the curated storefront that already features tons of previously released games as well as some new, exclusive “First on Discord” titles.

One of these games is a multiplayer top-down game from Mild Beast Games and Pillars of Eternity publisher Versus Evil called At Sundown. It will be available for PC exclusively on the Discord Store before it launches on PS4 and Xbox One soon. That being said, the store’s viability for multiplayer-focused “First on Discord” titles like At Sundown is still fairly unproven.

While the store is now available to all Discord users, is user-based is likely still dwarfed by Steam. Multiplayer-focused titles live or die on the size and strength of their communities, and it has yet to be seen if the Discord Game Store is big enough in it’s beta stages to provide that for At Sundown.

The game does seem like a lot of fun though, so I do hope it does well on the Discord storefront for the 90 days it is exclusive to it. It’s an exciting time for Discord, to say the least, and it will definitely be interesting to see how the Discord Store fares against already established rivals like Steam and GOG.

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In the meantime, you can check the store out for yourself, read more about it in Discord’s own in-depth post, or watch the launch trailer for At Sundown and the trippy announcement trailer for the Discord Store Global Beta below.

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