Discord Begins Testing Video Calls and Screensharing Features

Discord Begins Testing Video Calls and Screensharing Features

Discord has begun testing new features to implement video chat and screensharing abilities, though it's only available to a few select users at the moment.

Since its launch in 2015, Discord has grown into one of the key places that gamers get together to chat, enjoy playing games, and find new communities and friends, with the service set to expand beyond text and voice chat with its first test runs at implementing video features.

In a blog post from the company, Discord has announced that video calls and screensharing features are currently being tested to incorporate into the platform with around “5% of desktop players” currently registered to test the new features.

Specifically, Discord explained that the video calling and screensharing features are being tested by a select number of users first to ensure that the platforms servers can handle the increased bandwidth that video streaming requires, while also performing the requisite bug and crash testing before rolling out the new features to the general public. No firm release for a general release of the features has been provided at this time, though Discord stated that the integration of the video calling and screensharing features would be “at least a month out” for a full release.

Discord provided a few other details on the features in that up to ten users can be in a video call at a time (though video quality may be reduced after five users). The video source that users display to their friends can be swapped at any time between either a webcam or the computer desktop seamlessly during a call, and a picture-in-picture window will be displayed on-screen if you click away to another server or area of the app.

As always, you can join DualShockers‘ own Discord channel and (hopefully) utilize the feature soon, once it rolls out to the general masses.