Discover the Biography of a Dead Astronaut Using Music and Lasers in Laserlife; Coming to PS4 on September 22

From the creators of BIT.TRIP, comes Laserlife. The game’s concept is really interesting, since it’s about a dead astronaut floating in deep space, who is discovered by a future intelligence.

The creatures, since the developer wants to leave those “future intelligence” people to the players’ imagination, have the capability to extract memories out of the astronaut’s body, and compile them to learn about his past. Your part in all of this, is to help them gather the necessary memory fragments.

“These deep space explorers, who we are leaving up to your imagination, have technology that is capable of extracting the physical elements of memory. As they themselves have no memory or knowledge of humanity, they extract the astronaut’s memory fragments to learn about their strange discovery.”

The developer, Choice Provisions, recommends you to play Laserlife in one sitting, in order to get immersed in the world and feel connected to the dead astronaut.

“Laserlife is an experience that’s meant to be played through in one sitting. It’s an exploration, largely through symbolism, of what it means to be a human. By the end of the game, you will have unlocked several key memories of the astronaut’s life, allowing you to review their existence, as if looking at a portrait. By the end, you should feel as if you know this astronaut. And your knowing holds value in the knowing itself.”

Laserlife comes to the PS4 on September 22.

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