Disgaea 4 Has Some Interesting Mechanics

Disgaea 4 Has Some Interesting Mechanics


In the latest issue of the Dengeki PlayStation magazine, a couple interesting systems that Nippon Ichi’s latest Disgaea title contains were talked about in some detail. The first is a “punishment system”, which lets a player apparently spank other NPCs and monsters during dialog sequences. You can select various commands such as tie-up hands, tie-up feet and the like. Sounds kinky, and not unlike another, rather controversial NIS game – Criminal Girls.

In addition to that, there’s a government system which allows you to control various areas of the game world and various map segments. When you’re in control of an area, you’ll be able to perform various functions there such as create new facilities, characters and all sorts of evil stuff.

Disgaea 4 hits Japan on February 24, 2011, with a summer release planned for North America. Doesn’t that turn you on?