Disgaea 4 Return Gets New Screenshots, Artwork and Information on New Content

Disgaea 4 Return Gets New Screenshots, Artwork and Information on New Content

Nippon Ichi Software released today a batch of new information, screenshots and artwork of Disgaea 4 Return, that will be released exclusively on the PS Vita in Japan next year.

WARNING: If you didn’t play the original Disgaea 4, you may want to just skip the text and check out the screenshots, because the description below contains spoilers on the game’s story.

We learn about the new scenario, titled “Time Leap Edition,” that will act as a sequel to the main story.

At the end of the story the relationship between Valbaz and Altina doesn’t progress much, and Fuka really can’t stand the situation. She tries to play Cupid between them, and this starts the new scenario. However the story takes a wrong turn.

Just as Fuka is working on a solution, she and Desco get unexpectedly transported somewhere (or some time) else. They meet a mysterious girl claiming to be a surgeon, escorted by armed soldiers. Two people from Fuka’s past also make an appearance.


The surgeon is Nagi Clockwork, a new character. She’s summons Fuka and Desco to her land, and for some reason she calls Fuka the “Strongest Warrior.” She begs her to end a local war. She’s strong, but hides a sad past, and uses her skills every day to try and bring peace to her land.

The setting of the new scenario is actually the past of the human world. Two countries are at war and recently the battles aren’t fought just by human soldiers, but monsters have been summoned from other dimensions to fight. In this warn-torn past players can visit Nagi’s lab, that serves as a base of operations and shop to purchase equipment and weapons.

Below you can check out the screenshots and artwork released today.