Disgaea 4's Ridiculous Special Attacks

If you haven’t treated yourself to the beauty that is Disgaea as a series, you should probably do something along the lines of sitting on a ripe pineapple bare assed. If you’re not an RPG fanatic like the lot of us here, then you’re forgiven. If you are an RPG fanatic and haven’t even considered endowing your brain cells to what is one of the most entertaining tactical role-playing games in gaming, I would encourage you to steal money from the charity baskets of your local church and pick these games (yes, plural) up as soon as possible, given you’re financially challenged.

You see, nothing says “holy crap” like the sheer plethora of ridiculous plots and special attacks like Disgaea. Plenty of times have I spit homemade powdered Lipton Iced Tea onto my TV and PlayStation controls – both which have been equally furnished with the sticky glucose remnants of my powdered creation – from comical hysteria. And it seems as if  Nippon-Ichi-Software (NIS) is bringing more of that with their upcoming Disgaea 4 – a game which seems to build upon the traditional components that made the previous games amazing.

After the jump, you will witness some of the most ludicrous special attacks known to man. It will have you, literally, shaking your head and/or smirking in disbelief. After all that is done, you will give a standing ovation and impatiently count the days when NIS decides to release this game here on our shores sometime this year.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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