Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny New Details, Series Sold Over 4.5 Million Worldwide

Disgaea 6, coming to PS4 and Switch, features new and different systems including Super Reincarnation, Karma, a Turbo Mode and an Auto Mode.

September 24, 2020

Soon after publishing new information on Disgaea 6 via this week’s Famitsu Magazine, Nippon Ichi Software updated its official blog with that same information as well. Revealing more on the characters, story, and some gameplay details. New screenshots and artwork have been published as well, we detailed everything below.

Disgaea 6 Story, Setting

Disgaea 6 is the newest main title in the series, which now topped 4.5 copies sold worldwide. Disgaea 6 adds new elements while keeping the tradition and Tactical RPG gameplay of the series. The story of Disgaea 6 is about Zet, a zombie who keeps Super Reincarnating, to get stronger and defeat the god of destruction threatening the existence of multiple Netherworlds. We’ll be traveling to different worlds, getting stronger, and making friends.

Some of the locations and worlds we’ll travel to were introduced, including the Human realm, the Telehi realm, the Musical realm, and the Magic School.

Disgaea 6 Character Profiles

Zet is the protagonist, who keeps Super Reincarnating to different worlds by using transfer magic in order to defeat the god of destruction. Zet used to be a gentle zombie, but became more and more violent as he kept being defeated by the god of destruction. While Zet is male, the seiyuu voicing him is a woman, Kahoru Sasajima. Most boys like this in Japanese pop culture tend to be voiced by female seiyuu.

Piiko is Zet’s little sister, a pure and gentle girl who loves her brother and helps him. She calls Zet “Niitan”. Her dream is to become a doctor and save people. Piiko is voiced by Riko Kohara.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Cerberos is a zombie dog with the brain of a genius and one of Zet’s allies who travels with him to different worlds. Cerberos did a lot of research during its past life, and is the one who taught the forbidden magic, Super Reincarnation magic, to Zet. Cerberos is voiced by Kōji Kawakami.

The terrifying god of destruction who keeps annihilating worlds. He’s so powerful that no one can ever challenge him. His seiyuu wasn’t revealed.

Demon Lord Ivar is the self-proclaimed strongest Demon Lord in the universe. He’s actually strong, but no one takes him seriously because he’s an idiot. Ivar is voiced by Kazuma Horie.

Game Systems

This is a Tactical RPG, with the usual Disgaea mechanics like lifting and throwing characters, or cooperation attacks. You can create your own characters too.

Nippon Ichi Software made multiple changes for this new entry compared to the rest of the series:

The first and biggest change is how everything is in 3D now during battles. The usual character designs of Takehito Harada all have 3D models now.

Story dialogues still use the usual 2D portraits.

Next is the new Super Reincarnation system usable by Zet. When Super Reincarnating, Zet returns to Level 1, but keeps some of his strength. So each time you go back to Level 1, besides the usual Reincarnation system of Disgaea, you’ll be stronger overall. Other characters can only do normal reincarnation.

When a character reincarnates, they also gain Karma, which can be used to upgrade their abilities like the amount of times they can counterattack, or their movement range.

Lastly, this sequel also has a higher Level Limit and Damage Limit than past games. To make grinding easier there’s a double speed mode, and an auto mode as well.

Additional details will be coming at a later date.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny will launch on January 28 2021 in Japan on PS4 and Switch; the game is coming later in Summer 2021 in the west. You can preorder it on Amazon to support DualShockers.

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