Disgaea 6 DLC Will Add Protagonists and Characters From Past Games, For a Price

Disgaea 6 DLC Will Add Protagonists and Characters From Past Games, For a Price

Nippon Ichi Software is launching a season pass with several DLC for Disgaea 6 Defiance of Destiny on PS4 and Switch in Japan.

As Disgaea 6 released January 28 in Japan on PS4 and Switch, Nippon Ichi Software revealed its DLC plans for the Tactical RPG. Nippon Ichi plans to release DLC content from February to April 2021. Several DLC packages will be released, each adding past protagonists and main characters of the series. Disgaea 6 DLCs will also include items for players wishing for an helping hand in strengthening their characters. A Season Pass containing everything will also be sold till February 24.

Keep in mind all the details below concern the Japanese version of Disgaea 6. The DLCs could be distributed in a different way in the west.

Lastly, before moving further, for longtime fans wondering why Laharl, Etna and Flonne aren’t DLC characters: They’re already appearing in Disgaea 6. In a special scenario unlocked after clearing the main story.

Disgaea 6 – First character DLC pack Launching in February 2021

It’ll include Adell and Rosalind, the protagonists of Disgaea 2, and Laharl chan from Disgaea D2. The trio will be unlocked after clearing each of their respective special stages included in the DLC.

Disgaea 6 – Second Character DLC Pack Coming in March 2021

This DLC pack will include Mao and Raspberyl, the protagonists of Disgaea 3, alongside Valvatorez, the protagonist of Disgaea 4. And last but not least, Disgaea best girl and mascot class character Pleinair. Again, each character will be unlocked after clearing their respective stage.

Disgaea 6 – Third Character DLC Pack releasing in April 2021

This pack will add Fuka and Desco from Disgaea 4, Killia, the protagonist of Disgaea 5, and Usalia, also from Disgaea 5.

All three DLC character packs are 550 Yen each (tax included).

Next, we have a free character, Asagi.

Asagi will be launching in February 2021 via a free DLC. She will be unlocked once you complete her scenario. Grabbing all DLCs (separately or with the Season Pass) will unlock alternate color costumes for Pleinair, Asagi, and Usalia.

The Season Pass with everything comes with a 6050 yen (tax included) price tag. Moreover, it will only be sold until February 24. So be sure to grab it fast if you’ve imported Disgaea 6 and plan to buy the DLCs.

Disgaea 6 Character Intro Trailer (Japanese, English)

Announced back in September 2020 after a teaser even earlier that year, Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is the first Disgaea game to feature 3D models for the characters in battle. The Disgaea series so far has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide, and Disgaea 6 is the first console entry in six years.

Disgaea 6 follows the still ongoing Disgaea RPG on mobile, which had a disastrous launch in 2019, even more so than the usual bug-riddled releases every mobile game suffers from nowadays. However, after temporarily shutting down for several weeks, Disgaea RPG made a big comeback in late 2019.

Besides its various DLC characters, Disgaea 6 also adds several turbo modes and customizable auto modes to allows players will little time on their hands to farm fast and clean.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny will be launching in the West in summer 2021, only on Switch. A demo is also available in Japan, and it’s possible to transfer your save to the main game. It’s unknown if a similar demo will launch in English before the western release.

Last but not least, Takehito Harada, character designer of the Disgaea series, shared a special illustration of Piiko, the little sister of Disgaea 6 protagonist Zed. To celebrate the game’s release. A time lapse of the illustration was also shared.