Arkane Dev Clarifies Previous Statement on Future of Dishonored

"I didn’t say nothing Dishonored related would ever come out again."

on September 25, 2018 11:24 AM

There was a bit of a hullabaloo when Arkane said last month that the Dishonored series was currently “resting” according to Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. Many immediately jumped to conclusions and assumed that this meant Dishonored was all but dead even though that’s not what Bare intended to convey whatsoever.

Recently, we were able to speak to Ricardo Bare ourselves at a Bethesda event and brought up his recent statement about Dishonored. Bare said that many inferred that the series was shelved for good when that is not what he meant at all.

Bare clarified his previous statement further by telling us the following:

I didn’t say nothing Dishonored related would ever come out again. I just meant there’s nothing coming out in the immediate future related to Dishonored.

While it’s still not a whole lot to go off of, Bare is at least trying to get fans to understand that Dishonored isn’t a property that Arkane never wants to work with again. Even though the studio currently seems to be working on different properties, Dishonored is still one that the company cherishes and it shouldn’t be a surprise if they do return to it at some point — that time is just not right now.

Keep an eye out for our full interview with Ricardo Bare as we’ll be publishing it in just a bit. He gives us some great insight into the development of Prey: Mooncrash in addition to talking about what Arkane could be up to next.

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