Dishonored’s Harvey Smith Says Carrie Fisher was “Creatively Open” in Cameo Role

Dishonored’s Harvey Smith Says Carrie Fisher was “Creatively Open” in Cameo Role

Earlier this week, thousands of fans across the world have mourned the loss of Carrie Fisher, the iconic actress, writer, and activist who was best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, with Dishonored creative director Harvey Smith fondly remembering her work, even in the briefest of parts.

In a report from Glixel, Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith spoke out via Twitter following the loss of Fisher earlier this week, who died from a heart attack at the age of 60, to remember her work in a brief role in the original Dishonored.

Smith referenced Fisher’s role in Dishonored in response to her passing, with the actress having a small (almost cameo) role in the first game as a broadcasting voice that could be found as an Easter Egg. Specifically, her voice could be found if you killed the male propaganda officer in Dunwall Tower during the mission “Return to the Tower,” which would then follow with her voice appearing on the game’s intercoms as a neat Easter Egg.

Though her role was brief, Smith provided some words of remembrance to honor Fisher’s memory, with Smith specifically stating that Fisher was “gracious, funny and creatively open” during her time while recording for the game.

While Fisher’s passing was an unfortunate bit of news to close out the end of the year, thousands of fans have created impromptu memorial services to honor her memory in various games, such as memorial services in Star Wars: The Old Republic and an upcoming update to Elite: Dangerous that will honor her memory.