Disintegration Giveaway — Win Multiple Beta Keys for PS4

Disintegration Giveaway — Win Multiple Beta Keys for PS4

If you're looking to try out Disintegration during its beta period, then we're here to hook you up.

Private Division and V1 Interactive are set to release the upcoming first-person shooter Disintegration later this year but before the game arrives, it’ll soon be having a closed beta period beginning next week. This beta phase for the game will let players check out two different multiplayer modes in Retrieval and Zone Control.

Thanks to our friends over at Private Division, we now have a share of Disintegration beta codes that we’ll be giving out prior to it kicking off.

How to Enter

Entering in this giveaway is very straightforward. Following @DualShockers on Twitter is mandatory for entry, as we will be contacting the winners via Twitter Direct Message. Please make sure that you don’t unfollow us before the end of the competition, as that will invalidate your win.

Other than that, the ways to enter can be found down in the giveaway box below. The more ways you enter, the better your chance of winning codes for the Disintegration beta will be.

Win Multiple Disintegration Closed Beta Keys for PS4

Giveaway Process/Requirements

In total, we have 300 beta keys on PS4 that we’ll be giving out to those of you who enter. However, because this phase of Disintegration is multiplayer-focused, we’ll be giving out two keys to each winner so that they can share with a friend and get them in on the action as well. As such, we’ll have 150 winners in total here with this giveaway.

It’s also worth noting that the PS4 codes we will be giving out will only be for the North American region. This doesn’t mean that you have to live in North America to enter, but you will be required to have an NA PlayStation account.

Best of luck if you enter! The Disintegration Closed Technical Beta will run on both January 28 and 29th between 8am PT until 11:59pm PT.