Disney Infinity 3.0 Reveals Keyblade Unlock, New Figures, Original Story, and More at D23 Expo

Disney Infinity 3.0 Reveals Keyblade Unlock, New Figures, Original Story, and More at D23 Expo

The D23 conference focusing on games ended on a very high note, with a ton of new details for Disney Infinity 3.0 being revealed, as well as new videos showing off upcoming playsets and characters. John Blackburn, and John Vignocchi took the stage after Adam Boyes of PlayStation mentioned a limited edition PlayStation 4 console that came with Disney InfinityDisney Infinity Base, the Rise Against the Empire Play Set Pack (with Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa figures),  Rise Against the Empire Play Set, and the Boba Fett figure, which is exclusive to PlayStation.

The Twilight Republic playset was shown off for the first time, focusing on the adventures that took place between Episodes II and III, during the clone wars. Then Episode IV and VI playsets were discussed though they quickly moved on to Marvel in Infinity 3.0, which is dubbed “Battlegrounds“. This time there will be an original story focusing on the Marvel characters, and will be the first to feature four player cooperative play. Any of the Marvel characters they have created will be playable, and gameplay will be “unlike” any other in Infinity. The Hulkbuster and Ultron figures were shown, and will be playable outside of the Toy Box feature.

El Capitan and Flynn’s Arcade buildings were shown. Flynn’s Arcade is very special in that it will be used to matchmake in the Toy Box with three other players for various competitive gametypes.

Peter Pan was revealed to be the fan voted character who would be introduced next year, and thereafter a fan vote will take place to determine one character that will be added into Disney Infinity. The Good Dinosaur film will be getting its own figure based on the main character of the film.

Some collector’s figures were revealed. These are of higher quality than standard Infinity figures, and currently are focused on Jedi from Star Wars. They will still function like a regular Infinity figure though. The ultimate unlock in 3.0 will be Sora’s Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, and a limited power disc (only 5,000 made), exclusive to those attending D23 will unlock a costume change for Mickey Mouse to turn into his King Mickey form.

Lastly, The Force Awakens Play Set was mentioned but sadly not shown. However, two figures based on Finn and Rey were revealed, and given away by their respective actors to two children in the audience. Both actors voiced their figures for the upcoming playset. Special thanks to Matt Cabral, Andrea Rene, and Wario64 for the pictures below.