Cancelled Disney Infinity 4.0 Would Have Been Bigger Crossover than Kingdom Hearts

A Vimeo user leaked pre-alpha footage of Disney Infinity 4.0: Kingdoms, which would have brought different Disney franchises together in one story.

While a Disney Infinity 4.0 may never see the light of day, those in mourning can take a look at a proof-of-concept video. Vimeo user “P Tologist” posted a video of pre-alpha footage for Disney Infinity 4.0: Kingdoms more than a month ago, but that video found its way on ResetEra this week. What this footage reveals is that this fourth iteration would have united Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars all into one story.

Everyone is here, even though everything in this video from co-developer United Front Games is obviously incomplete. This showcase took place in Agrabah, the fictional kingdom in Aladdin. Not only are Jasmine and Aladdin essential characters to this story, but so is Yoda from Star Wars and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. It makes little sense, even within the context of a massive crossover, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

This alpha gameplay also shows the Hulk, Sully from Monsters Inc., Hopps from Zootopia, and Spider-Man all in combat. The story takes a strange turn when Star Wars prequel-era Battle Droids take over Agrabah, with Boba Fett and (a temporary model of) Jafar suddenly in cahoots with each other. These characters interact not only in gameplay but through fully-voiced cinematics as well.

In terms of gameplay enhancements, Kingdoms would have emphasized the large world and a variety of setpieces. Exploration would have been encouraged, with plenty of collectibles and hidden areas. Missions would also have some variety, with the video highlighting an escort mission and a multi-stage boss fight. Enemies would also get their spot in the limelight, with brief and quirky cinematic intros.

All in all, even with the temporary voices and models, the video is quite bizarre. Then again, the concept of Disney Infinity is basically mashing a bunch of toys together, so this showcase of 4.0 looks like the full realization of that. Kingdom Hearts may have Sora travel through all of the worlds one by one, but what if they were all put together?

I guess we’ll never know. Rest in peace, Disney Infinity. Check out the Vimeo video below.

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