Disney Infinity Bringing Creativity on the Go with New Toy Box App for iPad

Disney Infinity Bringing Creativity on the Go with New Toy Box App for iPad

Since its launch, Disney Infinity has been the home to a hugely customizable world with tons of options for fun and creativity through the game’s immense Toy Box Mode. With a new iPad app-version of the huge Toy Box mode though, that creativity can now be brought on the go to those looking for some mobile Disney Infinity fun.

Disney has announced the new Disney Infinity: Toy Box app for iPad , a portable version of the mode from the console versions that focuses specifically on the world-building aspect of Disney Infinity and allows players to build and make new worlds on their tablets. The new app is out starting today for iPad (compatible with iPad 2/3/4 and the iPad mini), and will be free to iOS users until October 5th.

Inside the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app, players will bounce around as Mr. Incredible inside a blank world map, where users can control the character’s actions (jump, attack, block, etc) normally while also being able to tap into the creation mode and develop entirely new maps that can be transferred to the main game, or edit existing ones imported from the console version.

The Toy Box app will also interact heavily with the console versions of Disney Infinity, as the app will allow the importing of purchased figurine characters (via web codes) or by purchasing them inside the Toy Box app for play. The app will also transfer everything from the console version of Disney Infinity over through logging in with your Disney Infinity account, to fill it with Toy Box content unlocked or purchased on the main game for creating new maps.

The new Disney Infinity: Toy Box app is available on iPad starting today, and will remain free for iOS users until October 5th, 2013.