Renders for Unreleased Disney Infinity Figurines Included Rogue One, Moana, and More

Renders for Unreleased Disney Infinity Figurines Included Rogue One, Moana, and More

Following its unfortunate demise in 2016, a character artist from the Disney Infinity series revealed characters that never made it into the game.

When it debuted in 2013, Disney Infinity brought together dozens of beloved characters from the Disney universe together, and now unreleased characters and figurines show what could have been since the series’ untimely demise in 2016.

In the portfolio from artist B Allen – a digital sculptor that has worked on many of the figurines and character models for the Disney Infinity series – new renders and details were revealed of unreleased characters and movies that would have been included in Disney Infinity, but ultimately were canned alongside the series’ cancellation last year due to declining sales.

Specifically, the most recent render from B Allen shows Baze Malbus from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, with a report from Kotaku confirming that nearly all of the main cast from Rogue One were created and produced as figurines and a playset based on the film was in development by Ninja Theory.

Alongside characters like Baze, Jyn Erso, K2S0, and others that were planned to be included from Rogue One, other character renders from B Allen’s page over the past few months included characters from other popular Disney films such as last year’s smash hits Zootopia and Moana, which also includes a playset based on Moana with the film’s two lead characters

Disney Infinity first debuted in 2013 and saw two subsequent sequels, Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0, in 2014 and 2015 respectively, which introduced characters from the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. Coming alongside the wave of “toys-to-life” experiences such as Skylanders and Nintendo’s amiibo figurines, Disney Infinity had early success with its first installment but saw diminishing returns with its sequels, leading to Disney canceling the series in June 2016.