Dissidia Duodecim To Get Downloadable Outfits?

By Chad Awkerman

September 22, 2010

Anyone who is against paying for content already on the disc probably wants to steer clear of this. Recently, Valkyria Chronicles II released and had a similar extra content unlock feature, where you would get a code and unlock a special character, tank decal, weapon upgrade or whatever. It seems Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy may be going a similar route. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed a couple new costumes for two characters that are already going to be in the game – Lightning and Cloud. These costumes are an Aya Brea (The 3rd Birthday) and a Kingdom Hearts-Cloud outfit respectively.

The Famitsu article mentioned that these would be “downloadable” using codes, but that is also what was said about the Valkyria Chronicles II bonus content. I think the lines are blurring between true DLC and content that is already on the disc which you have to pay to unlock. It doesn’t matter, though. Why? Because Square-Enix isn’t stupid, they know Final Fantasy fans will eat this stuff up. They, then, sit back and collect the profit. It’s pretty simple, really. The difference here is that Sega gave these codes away for free. It’s unclear which direction Square-Enix will take things.

We do know, however, that the first two announced codes, to receive the costumes above, will be given to everyone who secures themselves a copy from the initial batch of Dissidia Duodecim boxes. If the content is on the disc, let’s hope it remains free. If it isn’t, then I wouldn’t mind seeing downloadable outfits or characters that we have to pay for. It’s all good, as long as they don’t try to screw us over, right?

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