Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Would Like to Try One-On-One Battles in a New Game

The director of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is interested in returning to the one-on-one fights that made the original PSP titles so popular.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT faced some criticism from some fans in regard to its major changes to the battle system. More specifically, the change from one-on-one battles to three-on-three team-based fights. We spoke to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT director Takeo Kujiraoka about whether or not the team would be interested in bringing one-on-one fights to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Kujiraoka-san said:

I do agree that one-on-one does have its own type of enjoyment and gives a very different playstyle. However, that is why it is very difficult for us to realize a one-on-one mode as a part of an update.

The way that we balance out the characters would need to be changed completely, as we currently balance the characters to have strengths and weaknesses based on their role. If we are to create a one-on-one mode, it would likely need to be a different title. It’s not that three-on-three team battle or one-on-one battle is better or worse than the other, so I personally do want to try creating a one-on-one game as well if I have the opportunity to do so.

Kujiraoka-san said that the decision to make a sequel wouldn’t entirely be up to him and his team. So while NT isn’t getting one-on-one battles, hopefully, we’ll see them make a return in a future title. Kujiraoka-san believes that a sequel will happen if the team continues to support the game:

…because this game is a title that was able to grow into what it is today as a Final Fantasy game due to the fans, I believe that a path will open up on its own if we continue to create excitement.

Square Enix is still pushing Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with the recently released free-to-play version. Additionally, the game has been rolling out its second season of content in the form of new characters and cosmetic items that will continue to release throughout the year.

I reviewed Dissidia Final Fantasy NT when it launched back in early 2018. If you have any interest in the game at all, you could give the free-to-play version a try before opting in to purchase the full version. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now on PS4 and PC. You can also expect our full interview to go live on Monday.

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