Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Teases More Characters and Season 2 Plans

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Teases More Characters and Season 2 Plans

Square Enix will continue to support Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with new characters, costumes, and balance changes throughout 2019.

Last month, Square Enix launched a free version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in the west. Alongside the new version of the game, the development team plans on adding new characters and content throughout the rest of the year for the game’s second season. We spoke to the game’s director, Takeo Kujiraoka, about what fans can expect in the coming months. He said: 

We will continue to adjust the game balance once a month as we have been doing—as well as rebalancing characters to refresh the initial roster. We also plan to add a new character once every three months, as well as aesthetic skins for around two characters during the other months. We’d also like to bring back characters in the PSP version, but want to add characters that were never in a Dissidia game as well. We are also working on new elaborate skins. 


As of right now, the team already has their content schedule set for the next year. If the above quote is anything to go by, we should be getting two or three additional characters on top of the recently released Zenos Yae Galvus of Final Fantasy XIV before the year is over.

The first season of DLC characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was an interesting mix of mostly new characters, with the only returning character being Yuna from Final Fantasy XAs far as future characters, I’d like to see more representation from Final Fantasy VII or IX.  

During our interview, Kujiraoka-san said that he has heard that many fans are interested in a more traditional one-on-one Dissidia game, and he’s interested in trying to create that game. Due to the nature of balancing three-on-three battles, a one-on-one mode will more than likely never come to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. However, we now have some hope that Square will revisit the format many fans fell in love with on the PSP.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now on PS4 and PC. If you’re on the fence about the game, check out my review or try out the free-to-play version for yourself. Also, let us know down below what characters you’d like to see make a return in the series’ latest title.